3D Stereoscopic Vision Test

In this demo, which was developed by iMinds-Digital Society as part of the 3DTV 2.0 project, the participant is able to test their stereoscopic 3D vision. Stereoscopic 3D or S-3D is a technique whereby both eyes are presented with a slightly different image so as to emulate natural 3D vision. This technique has become popular in cinemas with movies like Avatar and has in recent years become available in home entertainment systems and televisions.

Research has shown, however, that a small but significant minority of viewers is unable to perceive S-3D and that there are vast differences in perception between those that can. During the stereoscopic 3D vision test, the participant will be challenged to see certain patterns in S-3D images at the end of which they will receive a score on their ability to perceive S-3D.