This demo demonstrates the results of the iMinds-ACCIO project in which social researchers and ontology engineers closely collaborated with different stakeholders in care (e.g. residential care institutions) & cure (e.g. hospitals) settings to co-create a continuous care ontology. This demo will demonstrate the proof-of-concept of an intelligent nurse call system that was built on top of the ontology to find the most appropriate caregiver to handle a call. The system also generates calls based on the context information, e.g., when a patient spikes a fever. This system makes use of all kinds of sensor data, e.g., vital parameters and light sensors, as well as other context and user-specific parameters, e.g., trust relationships, qualifications and locations.  A smartphone application was also developed, which is used by the caregivers to receive calls, assess & redirect them, contact the patient, etc.

The users were involved in each step of the development process of this ambient-intelligent system to determine the prevalent context information that should be taken into account, the algorithms that should be used to generate, assign and prioritize nurse calls and the requirements and user interface of the mobile application.