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AmbientTalk is a distributed programming language developed at the Software Languages Lab (SOFT) of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) designed to develop mobile peer-to-peer applications.  The language is primarily targeted at writing applications deployed on Android devices interconnected via an ad hoc wireless network.  Applications that run on such network need to deal with (a) volatile network connections and (b) collaborate with little infrastructure. AmbientTalk applications discover each other spontaneously and start collaborating on top of such ad hoc wireless networks.

Examples of such applications are weScribble and wePoker.  

weScribble allows you to draw pictures with other Android users using a simple fingerpainting interface. 

wePoker is a peer-to-peer poker application implemented running on Android that allows you to play a game of poker with your friends, without the setup typically associated with multiplayer games. 

Check out the AmbientTalk website for further information about the language: