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Mediatuin - a part of iMinds-iLab.o - is a Living Lab for digital media innovation.

A Living Lab is a research approach based on co-creation. End-users and experts work together on the development of a new product or service. Mediatuin projects are characterized by experimentation and thus function as a learning platform for all stakeholders involved and as an independent network of talent.
Companies involved in Mediatuin-projects get insight into the most promising market segments, an adequate market introduction strategy and an assessment of the business potential. The types of projects being carried out by Mediatuin range from web applications, mobile apps, digital content strategies, to games and beyond.

By involving Mediatuin early on in the innovation trajectory, a better insight into the usage context for the innovation is being facilitated. This ranges from the detection of existing needs or problems, to finding solutions to the concrete development and fine-tuning of the innovation. This approach enables taking all of these factors into account early on in the innovation trajectory which in turn leads to an efficient allocation of means and a shortening of time-to-market.