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In smaller towns, communication between town administrations and its organizations on one side, and citizens on the other, about typical day to day issues, is often handled through paper newsletters and informational websites.

Newsletters have the disadvantage of cost in print and distribution, a lot of unread newsletters and information that is always post factum. Town websites are often hard-to-navigate, offer limited interactivity, and are often not reachable when you urgently need them (e.g. when in front of a closed official building). These communication channels contain a lot of very useful information, but most of the time reach the target audience insufficiently or too late.

The idea of Town Communicator, a solution built on Rogerthat by MobiCage, is to create a smartphone-centric communication channel between town administration and its citizens. Since smartphones are always close by, this would radically enhance the read rates, response rate and interactivity of citizens.