Semantic Web demo - The Missing Link aka SixDegreesOfSeparation

Interconnectedness is a major topic discussed is philosophy and physics, stating that everything is the world is connected in some way. A popular example is the Six degrees of Separation principle, introduced by the short stories of Frigyes Karinthy. Despite the big physical distances, human networks grow in density, resulting in a maximal connection of five acquaintances between two people in the whole world. Between academia, this concept is often discussed for not being really scientifically proven. However, with the Web of data emerging, links between things become well defined and more known.

In this demonstration, we rely on Linked Data to illustrate the above described principle (i.e. interconnectedness) by following machine-processable links within today's Web of linked data. The presented application will retrieve the connection (with intervening nodes) between two given concepts. Next, for each resource corresponding to a node in the found path, a media presentation is generated (e.g. use of a photo to illustrate a person). Finally, the found path is narrated through a full multimedia presentation, illustrating the intervening resources and their connections (i.e. the links).

The aim of this demo is therefore threefold:

  1. bringing Linked Data closer to inexperienced users
  2. a practical test of the link quality in today's Web of Data
  3. demonstration of distributed query techniques.