Zeticon: MediaHaven

Zeticon offers advanced software tools and services which help media-intensive companies and organizations manage their digital media assets. Our aim is to help customers address the needs of modern-day media consumers while controlling the scalability, flexibility and redundancy of media asset management.

MediaHaven is an advanced Digital Media Asset Management tool that helps you manage the storage, retrieval, and distribution of digital media files throughout your organization and online. It enables you to cope with the growing size and ever-increasing number of media files, at the same time, it creates new possibilities to better valorize your media content. Its openness ensures a smooth integration with existing working environments.

Furthermore, the platform features an advanced search engine, including faceted search, Named Entity Recognition (automatically detect persons, locations and organizations in flat text) and automated categorization of content.

At the iMinds conference Zeticon will feature a fully featured mediaHaven appliance which allows to demonstrate the capabilities of the platform. This appliance is a fully integrated solution containing both the software platform and hardware required for the successful deployment of mediaHaven. Demonstrations of the platform and hands-on experience are possible.