Andreas Köpsel


UFO sightings in OFELIA: the ALIENs are coming

Title: UFO sightings in OFELIA: the ALIENs are coming

Presenter: Andreas Köpsel, EICT GmbH

Since its start, OFELIA provides an infrastructure for developing OpenFlow based control planes and offers researchers a testing environment with OpenFlow 1.0 compliant carrier-grade hardware devices. iMind's virtual wall allows users to deploy their own software based switches in a virtual environment, altering the OpenFlow base protocol and framework beyond OF1.0. In the next phase of OFELIA, new hardware platforms supporting new protocol versions will become available and stimulate advanced research: The FP7 project ALIEN-HW recently kicked-off its activities and will develop and implement OpenFlow compliant data path elements for a wide variety of HW platforms, e.g. EZappliances, NetFPGA, DOCSIS, EPON OLTs/ONUs, ATCA, Intel's crystal forest and Broadcom. FPGA based devices and Network Processor Units will allow researchers to conduct yet unsupported experiments, e.g. in the field of packet/optical integration or mobile networks by offering access source code of data path implementations. An open hardware platform with OpenFlow compatibility and easy extensibility will push SDN research forward. For enabling this class of experiments, the OFELIA team has started to extend the facility's control framework. Based on a new GENI 2.0 compliant aggregate manager named AMsoil, the new control architecture provides means for simplified resource management and federation with other OpenFlow testing facilities.

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