Annika Sällström

Luleå University of Technology, Centre for Distance-spanning Technology

TEFIS - Future Internet Testing in one place

Title: TEFIS - Future Internet Testing in one place

Presenter: Annika Sällström, Luleå University of Technology, Centre for Distance-spanning Technology

TEFIS offers a powerful combination of testing services at the forefront of technology provided by interconnected heterogeneous testbeds and access to testing expertise in one single place. We help experimenters validate and try out their ideas and solutions for the Future Internet. Here experimenters can take advantage of professional and easy to use testing tools for test configuration and test management as well as testing services from different testbeds for efficient testing and experimentation of Future Internet technologies and services. And they have access to human support as well as find other experimenters with similar challenges. TEFIS gives experimenters easier access to leading-edge testbed services for faster and more professional testing. They have access to a range of functions for test configuration and monitoring and can manage their entire test in a single place, no matter how many different resources they need for their experiments.

For this session we propose to describe how TEFIS has solved to enable multifaceted experimentation on multiple (and quite different) testbeds and how experiments can use resources offered by the different test facilities. In addition we want to share our next steps and discuss future challenges faced by experimental platforms such as TEFIS, including business and sustainability models allowing the continuity of these platforms.

Participates in following conferences:
FIRE Engineering Conference