Aviva Silver

Head of MEDIA Programme at European Commission

Aviva Silver is Head of the MEDIA Unit in the Directorate General “Education and Culture” of the European Commission. She is responsible for the MEDIA programmes and media literacy. She has worked for the European Commission since 1993, initially in Directorate General “Internal Market”, where she dealt with media issues.

From 1997-2002 she worked in Directorate General “Education and Culture”, where she was responsible for different aspects - legislative, regulatory, competition and economic - of the formulation of European policy and the application of Community law in the media sector, in particular as regards cinema, and television.

More recently, she has been responsible for the elaboration, implementation and co-ordination of legal and policy developments for support to the European audiovisual sector in Directorate General “Information Society and Media”. She deals in particular with the digital economy and the fundamental problem of access to financing for SMEs in the media and audiovisual sector. During this time new schemes have been launched for video games, digital cinema and production financing.
Aviva is a graduate of London University, and a member of the UK Bar.

Participates in following conferences:
DIY Days Ghent