Bernard Gallez

Director of the Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Research Group
Louvain Drug Research Institute, UCL

He is Pharmacist (1988), Radiopharmacist (1990), Industry Pharmacist (1990) and PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences (1993). After his PhD, he did a post-doc in the Department of Radiology at the Dartmouth Medical School (USA). He is presently Full Professor at the Université catholique de Louvain. Dr Gallez is the Founder and the Director of the Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Research Group in the Catholic University of Louvain (Health Sector, Louvain Drug Research Institute).

His main research activities encompass the development of innovative magnetic resonance tools (MRI, EPR, EPRI) to characterize the tumor microenvironment, the exploration of new pharmacological interventions to increase the efficacy of anti-cancer treatments, and the development of biomarkers that can predict the efficacy of anti-cancer treatments. He is author of 170 peer-reviewed international publications and 3 patents.


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