Brigitte Alfter

Director and co-founder of

Brigitte Alfter, born 1966 in Germany, is the founding director of

A journalist by profession she is based in Copenhagen and considers Europe her field of interest. From 2004-2008 she was the Brussels-correspondent for the Danish daily newspaper Information, she is a co-founder of and she is a co-founder and now the manager of the Scoop project, which gives research grants to journalists in the Balkans and the Ukraine.

Brigitte has covered European affairs and EU-matters for years, she uses freedom of information legislation as a journalistic tool and conducts training on the subject aswell as on covering Europe. She is knowledgeable in media, human rights, justice- and home affairs and minority issues aswell as a number of specific sectors, she has investigated. She is the co-founder and editor of Wobbing in Europe, a web- and network tool for journalists, who use freedom of information legislation as a research tool.

In 2007-2008 she participated in a research team of the Investigative Reporters Network Europe, where journalists join forces for cross-border researches. The story was about pharmaceuticals, the research was published at the same time in Denmark, the Netherlands and Belgium.

A board member of the Danish Association for Investigative Journalism FUJ since 2002, from 2008-2012 she was the chairperson of FUJ’s International Committee. She also was a board member of the German association Netzwerk Recherche from 2007-2011. Brigitte is a member of Åbenhedstinget, a Danish network of journalist's and public officials on freedom of information access to electronic documents, under the Danish journalism training center Update

In 2006 Brigitte was among the nominees for the Danish Cavling award, the most important journalist award in Denmark. In 2007 she was on the winning team for the Freedom of Information Award of the American Investigative Editors and Reporters, IRE. In recent years she was on several award winning teams doing cross-border reporting. 


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