Culture Crew

They want to make art work

Status: confirmed

Culture Crew was founded by Olivier and Thomas because they were frustrated by the “temporarily out of order” signs on all to many artworks on festivals and in museums. Any piece of (technological) art should just work so that the visitors can see it the way the artist intended. Since the beginning they have made it their mission to “make art work”.

Culture Crew offers technical support for artists, museums and collectors.

Example of their work: Pavilion

Pavilion by Lawrence Malstaf is a flag-waving machine that can be installed indoors and outdoors. Culture Crew optimized and modified both the mechanics and the electr(on)ics of this installation. The work they did includes:

  • Mechanical modification of the head allowing for inverse mounting
  • Adding an ethernet-based control system for remote control with MAX
  • Adding a certified emergency stop system for improved safety

The installation will be used stand alone and in performances.

Participates in following conferences:
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