Motion designers Sandy Claes & Daan Wampers

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Sandy Claes graduated as a master in the audiovisual arts in 2005. In that same year her thesis film ‘On a lead’ was awarded as Best Animated Film at the International Short Film Festival in Leuven, Belgium.

Daan Wampers is an autodidact. In 2006, Daan and Sandy created the animated short film ‘Bruised’ (Dutch title: Blauwblauw), based on a poem by Miguel Declercq. This film was awarded as Best Non-narratieve Film at the I Castelli Animati Film Festival of Rome, Italy.

In their artistic work, they experiment with animation techniques, resulting in a.o. ‘Domino’, which was recognized as Best Mobile Film at the International Short Film Festival of Leuven (2007), at Cinepocket Festival in Brussels (2008), both in Belgium and at Filmo, LABoral Film Festival in Madrid, Spain (2010).

At the same time they had the opportunity to work on a variety of commercial projects for the VRT, KULeuven, VAR and so on. In 2010 they started their own motion graphic production service for a diverse range of clients.

Bruised (Dutch title: Blauwblauw) A blue spot on a woman’s shoulder comes alive. This short animated film is based on a poem by Miguel Declercq and part of Dicht/Vorm Belgium (produced by S.O.I.L.) Techniques: 3D animation, pixillation, stop motion.

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