Danny Goderis

COO at iMinds

In February 2012 Danny Goderis joined our executive team, in the role of COO.

Previously, Danny was leading Bell Labs in the Benelux, the Research and Venturing organization of Alcatel-Lucent. Research areas include fixed access (DSL, fiber), home networking, (3D) Video Research, IcT Web2.0 & Telecom applications and cloud computing.

Prior to joining Alcatel-Lucent, Danny Goderis was active during several years at Belgium universities in post-doctoral and doctoral positions and. He holds a PhD in Science and a Master’s in Physics, and is the author of more than 50 publications. He also holds a Master in Business and Marketing Management.

His main responsibilities at iMinds include:

  • Research & Valorization Strategy, including university relations
  • Internal Operations, organizational design & resource allocation
  • Internal Execution – Leading the Operational Director Committee
  • Human Capital Development