Dimitri Schuurman

Living Lab researcher at iMinds-iLab.o & iMinds-MICT, Ghent University

Dimitri Schuurman holds a Master’s degree in Communication Sciences (2003) from Ghent University and is currently finishing his Ph.D. which deals with Living Lab-methodologies and the involvement of user and customer characteristics in order to optimize these innovation processes.

He joined research group iMinds-MICT in 2005 with an initial focus on the role of content within the diffusion of new media and ICT-innovations. In 2009 he joined iMinds-iLab.o as a researcher for the Digimeter-studies (www.digimeter.be), a yearly survey of a representative sample of Flemish people enabling on overview regarding (new) media trends, habits and practices. From 2010, he became principal researcher of the Mediatuin (www.mediatuin.be) and LeYLab (www.leylab.be) ICT-Living Labs. He is currently responsible for developing iLab.o’s methodological toolbox for panel-based Living Lab-approaches, taking into account  specific user characteristics related to the innovation in development (e.g. Lead User-characteristics, innovators,…).

Participates in following conferences:
Living Labs for Innovation in eCulture