Dr. Ingrid Mulder

Delft University of Technology

Ingrid Mulder is Associate Professor of Design Techniques at ID-StudioLab, Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Delft University of Technology, and she is a research professor at Creating 010, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. She received her MA in Policy and Organization Sciences from the University of Tilburg, and she received her PhD degree from the University of Twente in the Faculty of Behavior Sciences.

In 2005, she headed the evaluation of the first Dutch living lab, “Kenniswijk”, which included over 116 innovative services experienced by 15,000 inhabitants having broadband Internet access. In the FP6 project CORELABS, she led the harmonization of methods and tools resulting in the establishment of the European Network of Living Labs. Her current research emphasizes open data, citizen participation, and responsible design for social cities of tomorrow.

The title of her talk will be: "Living Labbing the Rotterdam Way: Co-creation as an Enabler for Urban Innovation" 

Participates in following conferences:
Living Labs for Innovation in eCulture