Dr. Lieven de Marez

Research Director at MICT

After obtaining his Masters degree in communication sciences (1999) and marketing (2000) Lieven De Marez worked as research assistant on methodology and statistics at the department of Communication Sciences of Ghent University. In 2006 the combined interest in ICT, marketing and statistics resulted in a PhD on ‘The diffusion of ICT innovations: obtaining more accurate user insight for better introduction strategies’. The main contribution of this work is situated in the development of a ‘segmentation forecasting’ tool for prior-to-launch prediction of adoption potential, and the development of a blueprint for better introduction strategies for ICT-innovations in today’s volatile market environment.

Currently, Lieven De Marez is research director at MICT, and teaches ‘innovation research’ and ‘new communication technologies’ at the department of Communication Sciences (Ghent University). Within iMinds, Lieven is also part of the management team from the Digital Society Research Department and iLab.o, iMinds’s facilitating infrastructure for Living Lab research.


*Lieven de Marez's presentation at Creative Media Days: http://www.slideshare.net/iMinds/iminds-the-conference-2012-lieven-de-marez

Participates in following conferences: