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KamerMaker: 3D printing very large objects

Status: confirmed

The KamerMaker (RoomBuilder) is the world’s first movable pavilion that can 3D print entire rooms of plastics. Its 3D print technology is based on an enlarged ‘Ultimaker’ 3D  printing machine. This machine can print 3D objects using PLA (bio plastics produced from corn). Just like its little sister, the KamerMaker can print small interiors, measuring up to 2.0m(width) x 2.0m (length) x 3.5m (height).

What sets the KamerMaker apart from the Ultimaker, next to its great size, is that it is a real architectural pavilion. In other words: The KamerMaker itself is a pavilion, that can reproduce small pavilions!

Martine de Wit from DUS Architects will be present to talk about the KamerMaker.


KamerMaker from DUS Architects on Vimeo.


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