Eric van Straaten

"I make mash-ups."

HDYD Session

"I've been working with 3D-printing for 2,5 years now. I outsource everything. I make mash-ups. It's comparable with electronical music: i sample existing images and then make them my own. I have to admit that it's weird to have no physical contact with the creations."


Eric van Straaten uses 3D printing to explore the field of sculpture. Or the other way around. In any case, he uses it to create fascinating surealistic little statuettes with a very recognisable style. He somehow manages to paint them with very high detail too. 

Why we invited him

We love how 3D printers are currently being explored for creativity just as much as they are used for funtional uses. What h as Eric learnt about this market, and, more concretely, how does he manage to create these intricate works?

Participates in following conferences:
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