Fabio Farina, Mauro Campanella and Simon Vocella

Synergies and support among FIRE experiments. The FEDERICA experience with NOVI, CONFINE and BonFIRE


The collaboration and support between FIRE facilities is essential to create a richer environment for the users and to enhance research possibility. The article elaborates on the experience of the FEDERICA facility in supporting and collaborating with other facilities in particular with NOVI and BonFIRE. The capability to offer Europe-wide end-to-end connectivity, with associated monitoring, is a key asset for FEDERICA. The main challenge is to balance between supporting research and doing research in the same facility. The paper highlights how the collaboration among the facilities and the experiments provides direct benefits to the users and new methodologies allowing new experiments simpler and more complex insight with new tools and solutions.


Fabio Farina, Mauro Campanella and Simon Vocella


Testbed facilities, dataplane federation, co-operation

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