Gabriele Giammatteo, Andrea Manieri and Annika Sällström

The TEFIS connector model: accessing and using heterogeneous testing facilities from a single platform


The “TEstbed for Future Internet Services” (TEFIS) is an open platform aiming at mitigate difficulties in using testing facilities by promoting a new model for connecting and using testing facilities. The core part of the TEFIS' connector model is an API called TEFIS Connector Interface (TCI) to be implemented by specific modules called connectors. From TEFIS portal (via connector) is possible to access and control multiple aspects of connected testing facilities: i) resource management, ii) execution, iii) monitoring data and results gathering and analysis. The connector model includes by design an important element of any testing process, namely the final users or experts that could include the human dimension in the experimentation. The Connector Framework and the TEFIS platform has been validated by connecting six different testing facilities. Further validated during the next months, to collect feedback and identify strengths and weakness.


Gabriele Giammatteo, Andrea Manieri and Annika Sällström


testbed, testing facility, experimental facility, testing portal, Future Internet applications, living lab

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