Gosie Vervloesem


The work of Gosie Vervloesem (both video and life performances) always departs from the same question: “Everything seems to be so logic, but what’s the logic behind it?”. This enigma gave rise to different performances in which she diligently practiced common-or-garden science. After ‘anytime’, ‘How to make your own clouds?’ (a performance in which she creates clouds in her kitchen) and ‘How to make your own dead sea?’ (a performance in which she filled a bath tub with water and 23 kilos of salt to thereafter float in it), Gosie Vervloessem went looking for real drama.

Under the title “Domestic Science Club”, Gosie experimented with the laws of physics in our household. Her main focus is on observing natural phenomena en attempting to replicate them in miniature/a scale model. But how real can a scale model be and what is its status? Have you ever felt a life-threatening storm or experienced a tsunami on a map?

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Participates in following conferences:
Creative Media Days By night: evening program