Henrik Kaufholz

Coordinator at SCOOP - the network and support structure for investigative journalists/ Danemark

Henrik Kaufholz, born 1946. Journalist with Aarhuus Stiftstidende, Børsen and Politiken since 1967. Present position: Deputy Foreign Editor at Politiken.

Cofounder and first president of the Danish Association for Investigative Journalism (Foreningen for Undersøgende Journalistik) and since 2003 coordiator for Scoop - a support structure for investigative reporting in Russia, the Caucasus, the Balkans, Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.

During his carreer e.g. correspondent for Politiken  in Bonn, Moscow and Berlin. For two years he also held the position of Readers' Editor at Politiken.


Participates in following conferences:
Future Media Lab