Inge Geerdens

CEO CVWarehouse
Inge Geerdens has entrepreneurship in her DNA. She started her first company in 2003: Executive Research. It is a headhunting or recruitment agency with a twist. Unlike its competitors, its business model is not based on a percentage of the candidate's salary. Services are paid per day. Executive Research was acquired by Acerta in 2008.

Two years earlier, Inge Geerdens founded a second company: CVWarehouse. In a way a spin-off of Executive Research. CVWarehouse is an e-recruitment solution that combines a jobsite, CV database and an Applicant Tracking System in a single webbased solution, introducing the SAAS model to HR professionals worldwide. Companies like McDonalds, Kraft Foods, Brussels Airlines, Capgemini, and many others use CVWarehouse to handle the recruitment process efficiently and with respect for all involved. CVWarehouse currently employs 15 people. The company has over 150 customers and has offices in Antwerp (Belgium), San Francisco (USA) and Lisbon (Portugal). The tool is used in over 20 countries worldwide and is available in 10 languages.

Entrepreneurship is of vital importance to our society. It's an opinion Inge Geerdens shares with many entrepreneurs and especially with Jan Callewaert (Option) and Gabriël Fehervari (Alfacam). Together they created Your Next Move, a company promoting entrepreneurship through chess in primary schools with the support of chess legend Garry Kasparov. Research indicates that children who master chess at an early age, develop basic skills and attitudes much needed later on in their (professional) life. Learning to think ahead, dealing with ever changing challenges, coping with a lost game… to name but a few. What's your next move?


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