Ingrid Van de Voorde


Ingrid Van de Voorde received a MSc degree in electrical engineering from the Free University of Brussels (Belgium) in 1990.  That same year, she joined the Alcatel Corporate Research Center in Antwerp (Belgium). Starting at research on APON systems, she moved to more advanced PON systems and lead the first European funded project on SuperPONs. In 2000, she moved to the Network Strategy group of Alcatel where she elaborated with her team on the introduction of Ethernet in Access. In 2003, she moved back to the Research & Innovation center to lead the research activities related to fixed access. With the team she pushed several innovations towards the business group, the major ones being Ethernet DSLAM, DSL network Analyzer, and GPON. In 2008, she joined Bell Labs in the new merged company Alcatel-Lucent, to lead the BL Research Domain Fixed Access & Multimedia, which comprises next to fixed access, home networking  and multi-media technology. Today she is in charge of the Bell Labs Multimedia Technologies domain with researchers in four countries and two continents.


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