Irene Van Peer

Researcher and teacher at HKU

Pig Chase is a computer game designed to be played by pigs. The Playing with Pigs project is researching the complex relationship we have with domesticated pigs by designing a game. Designing new forms of human-pig interaction can create the opportunity for consumers and pigs to forge new relations as well as to experience the cognitive capabilities of each other. Led by Irene van Peer, a researcher and teacher at HKU in Utrecht, Pig Chase is the latest in a long line of projects that engage non-human actors in play scenarios. What makes Pig Chase a bit different is that it has therapeutic value for the pigs and it takes advantage of new technology to make the game available on touch screens and tablets. The main discovery Irene and her team have made is pigs respond more readily to light, colour and shape than to haptic stimulus. Pig Chase provides the pigs with a giant touch screen panel on which they can interact with a series of moving shapes.

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