Jan Fostier

Assistant professor at INTEC-UGent and researcher at iMinds

Jan Fostier is a recently appointed assistant professor at the Internet Based Communication Networks and Services (IBCN) research group, department of Information Technology (INTEC) at Ghent University - iMinds. His research group is focusing on computational biology and more specifically on the related high performance computing (HPC) aspects. Next-generation sequencing assays are generating enormous amounts of raw biological data. Hence, interest in parallel and distributed-memory algorithms for computational biology is rapidly increasing.  He has a strong background in the design and implementation of parallel algorithms.

Within the domain of bioinformatics, his group is primarily focussing on next generation sequence data (genome assembly), motif discovery and network inference, all of which in collaboration with life-science researchers.

Jan Fostier will be talking about "High Performance Computing for Life Sciences"

Abstract: The recent revolution in sequencing technology has enabled the production of enormous amounts of molecular data.  This has created a huge need for highly trained scientists, with very diverse backgrounds, to collect, store, and analyse these data using advanced ICT infrastructures and bioinformatics tools.  Clearly, such analyses can no longer be performed on a standard laptop.  In this talk we will focus on how the field of parallel and high performance computing can alleviate the ever increasing demands for compute power in the domain of bioinformatics.

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