Jérôme Bel


French performer Jérôme Bel is known for his choreographies based on the lives and careers of the dancers he creates them for. Talking about his concept in Brussel Nieuws, Bel said, “A few years ago I realized that the discourse on dance was entirely dominated by choreographers and critics. Nobody ever asks the dancer’s opinion, while I thought this might be interesting. (…) I started out from the simple idea of letting the dancer talk about his work in layman’s terms while giving a few examples with dance fragments. The dancer is the only person who can both dance and explain the performance. Critics can’t dance and choreographers usually can’t either.”

This is the fifth part in Bel’s series of biographical choreographies. It follows the life of dancer Cédric Andrieux, who will perform the choreography himself. It offers an introspective and anecdotic look at his career, from his training at the Parisian Conservatoire to his experiences with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company in New York and renowned choreographers such as Trisha Brown and William Forsythe.

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