Jim McKelvey


"In order to develop a comprehensive approach to the digital society and economy not only governments, but also industries and research communities need to join forces and interact to ensure maximum cross-fertilization."

This year Jim McKelvey will be speaking at iMinds. Jim McKelvey is an American computer science engineer and businessperson widely known as the co-founder of Square, a mobile payments company. Square is an electronic payment service, provided by Square Inc. Square allows users in the United States to accept credit cards through their mobile phones, either by swiping the card on the Square device or by manually entering the details on the phone.

Jim McKelvey is a dynamic public speaker; his lectures on a range of topics from art to entrepreneurship are very popular. He has been known to change presentations based on audience feedback and to welcome interruptions during his talks.


*Watch Jim McKelvey's interview for REC Radiocentrum at http://vimeo.com/53579975

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