Jim McKelvey

"All we have to do is not lie to people."

HDYD session

"All we have to do is not lie to people."
Creditcard bedrijven geven zoveel onduidelijkheid over hun bedrijfsvoering dat de kracht van Square simpelweg leek te liggen in het eerlijk zijn tegen mensen.


What if you could use every iPhone as a mobile payment terminal? That is what Square has been trying to create.

Jim McKelvey designed the first hardware in 2009. The clever thing about it is that it uses the headphone/microphone jack of a smartphone to send and receive data, instead of the normal ports you would expect. This keeps their hardware simple and makes it work with pretty much any smartphone.

In 2011, McKelvey's iconic card reader design was inducted into the Museum of Modern Art.

Why we invited him

Because we had the opportunity, thanks to iMinds.

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