Juliane Schulze

Senior Partner at Peacefulfish

Juliane Schulze is Senior Partner at Peacefulfish, a media consulting company created in 2000 in Berlin, providing business services to the audiovisual industries. peacefulfish specializes in content financing, and in particular in developing innovative financial instruments for audiovisual projects. working for independent producers around the world, but also for public institutions, to support regional development through tailor-made financing tools or financial incentives. Peacefulfish’s overall missions have involved research, lobbying, evaluation, market analysis, conception and implementation of projects rooted within the audiovisual sector as well as initiating and running professional training events.

As Executive Advisor, Juliane holds an extensive cross-industrial knowledge, covering feature film and TV, the Internet and mobile environment. She advises on developing financing solutions and instruments for the audiovisual sector, for innovative digital as well as social projects and also works for public institutions like the European Commission and MEDIA, for funding institutions, and media regulatory authorities.

She is an expert at the European Mediatech Investment Forum and co-organised several investor pitches and business training events at international content markets and at business incubators Juliane is founder and director of eurinidiamedia, a professional business network for Indian and European content producers and initiated the first European Co-Production Lounge at Asia’s biggest Entertainment Convention FICCI FRAMES in Mumbai in 2012. She is director of the Multi Platform Business School and lectured at the Binger and Torino Filmlabs and Maia Workshops as well as coached at the Creative Coaching Center in Berlin.

Participates in following conferences:
DIY Days Ghent