From children's toys to military systems

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The team at KITT (shirt for Creative IT Applications) have been exploring the boundary between technology and art since 1995. The roots of director Andries Lohmeijer even go back to 1987, and he has worked with well known artists such as Kolmans Kube, Bill Spinhoven, Jeffrey Shaw and Noell Hardink. He also worked together with Daan Roosegaarde, who joined us at the previous How Do You Do.

They create installations for children, but just as easily develop military simulations or pipe inspection tools.

An interactive outdoor football game intended to get kids playing outside more

A game installation based on sound

A pipe cleaning robot

Why we invited them

We desperately want to know how they can operate in such diverse fields, and what that teaches them. We're also impressed that they have close connections with both the fields of art and academics. More generally the KITT team has a lot of experience. We hope they will share some of the most valuable things they've learnt with us.

Thomas van der Made will talk about the interactive video installation 'Between You and Me': a camera and a big screen are placed on a square, when someone stands on the circle in the middle of the square that person will be filmed and the mood of the setting changes.

Ali van Gorkum will talk about the development of the hardware of an smart audiobook that was created for the Laurenskerk in Rotterdam. It is an great example of how a concept becomes a product.

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