Klaas Robers

Philips Electronics, Eindhoven; TU Delft, Industrial Design Engineering
  • Born in 1944
  • Graduated as ir. in electronics at the TU (TH) Delft in 1969
  •  Joined Philips Electronics from 1971 to 2002
  • Contributed to optical discs: VLP, CD, CD-ROM, CD-i, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, Blu-Ray.
  • Was part-time professor at TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering from 1991 to 2008

Also a company like Philips has hits and fails. The hits are well known, the fails mostly invisible. Sometimes, afterwards, you may be able to name the reasons. However there are good practices that may lead to success. 


*Watch Klaas Robers' full speech at http://vimeo.com/53684033

**Watch Klaas Robers at the Fail Conference debate: http://vimeo.com/53858670

***Klaas Robers' presentation at Creative Media Days: http://www.slideshare.net/iMinds/fail-conference-2012-klaas-robers


Participates in following conferences:
Fail conference