Konstantinos Kavoussanakis

EPCC, The University of Edinburgh

BonFIRE: Testbeds for Services Experimentation

Title: BonFIRE: Testbeds for Services Experimentation

Presenter: Konstantinos Kavoussanakis, EPCC, The University of Edinburgh,

The BonFIRE project has built a multi-cloud facility, also called BonFIRE, designed for experimentation on systems, services and applications. The facility fosters experimentation that spans beyond the traditional cloud and services aspects, to encompass network concerns. The success of the facility is founded on the four pillars of Observability, Control, Advanced Features and Ease of Use. Motivating BonFIRE from inception till today is an active user community, which has contributed requirements and executed excellent research on BonFIRE.

Participates in following conferences:
FIRE Engineering Conference