Laila Pawlak

Founder & CEO of DARE2 & DARE2mansion

Laila is founder of the network organization DARE2 and the Professional Playground DARE2mansion located in Copenhagen, Denmark. DARE2mansion is a Home of Opportunity for startups and free agents and a unique meeting place for businesses, organizations and academia alike. 

Along with her strong network organization Laila has done extensive research in unfolding what creates great experiences and how experiences can transform people and have POSITIVE IMPACT on us as individuals. Laila is a an experienced, high impact speaker, facilitator and advisor and holds a number of board positions. She is an entrepreneur at heart and a strong voice for improving entrepreneurship and business diversity in society.Laila was among the first in the World to become Certified Experience Economy Expert and just recently received The Experience Management Achievement Award in the US along with her partner at DARE2. She was formerly recognized as one of the 100 most talented business executives in Denmark by the leading national business magazine and was nominated for Female Entrepreneur of the year in 2010. 
Participates in following conferences:
DIY Days Ghent