Lieven Vermaele

Director of Technology and Innovation at the EBU

Lieven Vermaele is the Director of Technology and Innovation at the EBU, the European Broadcasting Union, a post he has held since September 2007.

He previously worked for the Belgian Flemish public broadcaster VRT, where he played a key role in developing and implementing the organization’s digital strategy.  He was in charge of the negotiation with the Flemish Government of VRT's management contract for 2006-2011. After more than six years with VRT he moved to the telecommunications company Alcatel Lucent, and from there he moved to the EBU.

Lieven Vermaele is also Chairman of DigiTAG, a cross industry organisation that aims to encourage and facilitate the implementation of digital terrestrial television services, and the promotion of spectrum needs for these services.  Lieven also chairs the ETSI/EBU/CENELEC Joint Technical Committee, which is responsible for setting European standards for media and broadcasting systems (WorlDMB, DVB, Hbb.TV). Mr Vermaele is also member of the council of IBC, the European largest media industry event.

Lieven has given many presentations across the world on the media future, and has written articles on this that have appeared in leading publications. As European broadcasters face a challenging period of transition, where new technologies and business models are emerging more quickly than ever before, Mr. Vermaele ‘s role is to endure that EBU Members are able to operate within the optimal technical frameworks.  The role of the Technology and Innovation Department is also evolving and, under the guidance of its Director, it  provides a pool of strategic and technological expertise for EBU Members to draw upon ,and through which to connect together.  The value of the Department’s work lays to increasing EBU Members’ cost effectiveness, maximizing their audience and reach, and enhancing the media consumer’s experience.

Lieven Vermaele was born in Ghent (Belgium) in 1975. He holds a master’s degree in Science Engineering from the University of Ghent and several postgraduate degrees.  He is married, has one child, and lives in Geneva.

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