Maarten Verwaest

Founder of Limecraft

Maarten Verwaest holds a Master in physics.  Gifted with a sharp analytic mind and a passionate understanding of technology, he will be challenging current best practices and introduce the next wave of industrialization in the media industry.

During his stay at VRT between 1999 and 2009 as a system architect and technology expert, he was the design authority for several large projects, including the first integrated 'Digital Newsroom Production System' (developed by Sony in 1997 and implemented at VRT during 1999 and2000), the VRT/Belgacom interactive television trial IO (2002) and a multi-channel content delivery system for (2004). As a programme manager for the R&D department (VRT-medialab) from 2005 to 2009, he was responsible for a number of major research projects, implementing prototypes of a Virtual Modeling system for television production, automation of television studios and post-production systems, and finally a multi-channel delivery system. 

After he resigned from VRT, Maarten founded Limecraft.  Limecraft is delivering technology that supports the entire production process from Final Draft down to the Final Cut. 

Author of several distinguished publications and often invited as a speaker to conferences, Maarten is an acknowledged subject matter expert on a broad range of infrastructure and system integration related issues and he knows the media production business as the back of his hand.  Using his broad network of contacts in this business, relying on his critical appreciation of current trends and capitalizing on his extensive experience as a systems architect, he’s an excellent partner in helping your business beyond the state of the art.


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