María del Mar Cabra Valero

Director of Fundación Ciudadana Civio/ Spain

Mar Cabra combines her work as a multimedia investigative reporter for the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) with directing Fundación Ciudadana Civio, the only Spanish non-profit that produces journalistic content with focus on investigative, data-driven stories and transparency. Its on-going three projects (two funded though crowdfunding) are:, a website that helps make and search Freedom of Information requests in a country with no FOI law, visualizing for the first time the Spanish national and regional budgets, a project on wildfires in Spain which will investigate the causes behind the more than 1 million hectares burnt in 10 years


She is committed to getting an FOI law passed in Spain and is also a data-journalism advocate, teaching it at several Spanish universities. As director of Civio, fundraising is one of her missions – one that is not easy in a country with a big economic –and media- crisis, no culture of philanthropy and a non-favourable tax deduction donation scheme.


She has previously worked for BBC, CNN+, laSexta Noticias (Spain) and The Miami Herald. Her work has also appeared in the International Herald Tribune, PBS, Le Monde and El País, among others


Participates in following conferences:
Future Media Lab