Marina Bianchi

Professor, Universita di Cassino e del Lazio Meridionale

Marina Bianchi is Professor of Economics at the University of Cassino, Department of Economics and Law, where she teaches Industrial and Applied Economics, and a master course on The Creative Economy. She has written on topics related to rationality and choice, the theory of the firm and consumer theory, with a specific focus on the problems of innovation, learning, and the emergence of social rules. Her approach is interdisciplinary: microeconomics and game theory, economic history and the history of economic thought, evolutionary economics, psychology and social psychology, literature. In the last years her main area of interest has been the analysis of consumption choice, of preference formation and the role of novelty in consumption. In particular, she has analysed the characteristics of creative goods and the limits of the traditional economic framework in explaining choices concerning goods and activities of this type. She has tried to provide an alternative account that can explain apparent paradoxes of behaviour ranging from addiction to collecting to time preferences and the allocation of time, to fashion and the social dimension of consumption. The main key of this alternative approach is how specifically creativity operates in consumption. She has edited two books The Active Consumer: Novelty and Surprise in Consumer Choice (Routledge 1998) and The Evolution of Consumption: Theory and Practices, in: Advances in Austrian Economics 2007.


Participates in following conferences:
Workshop Innovation & Diversity in the Media Economy