Michel Reilhac

head of cinema ARTE

Michel Reilhac is currently head of cinema for the French German Cultural Broadcasting company ARTE, Michel was previously involved in dance, theater, directing and producing films and live events. His passion for storytelling as a multi faceted art form has naturally lead him to deeply immerse himself in the pioneering of hybrid stories, formerly known as Transmedia.

From a broadcaster's standpoint I will be talking about how we see hybrid content as a rich potential for the future of broadcasting. I will do that through specific concrete examples of some of the projects we are currently working on or that we have recently done. Arte is a leading pioneer of hybrid content in Europe. As producer and buyer of cinema for Arte, my focus is on the evolution of storytelling as an essential art form, of which films are just one of the most recent expressions. Hybrid stories are a new step in the organic transformation of the form.

Participates in following conferences:
DIY Days Ghent