Michel Tilman

On behalf of Sony

Michel Tilman graduated summa cum laude in pure mathematics at the Brussels Free University. He was involved in the start-up phase of the Programming Technology Lab at the VUB and became research manager at SoftCore, a spin-off company of the VUB specializing in document management and workflow, where he led several IWONL projects.

As senior software architect at Unisys, MediaGeniX and Real Software he designed advanced architectures for diverse areas as schools administration, social security and TV scheduling and broadcasting. He gained recognition for his work on dynamic object models. In the Nomadic Embedded Systems division at IMEC he led a team developing tools for optimizing and parallelizing C code with regards to performance and energy consumption. At SecurIT he designed the new TrustBuilder identity and access management workflow suite.

Currently he works as Senior Software Engineer at the Sony Technology and Software Centre Europe on the SPARC project. His designs won several awards, including the 2009 Electron d'Or award for CleanC and the 2012 IBM Beacon Award for TrustBuilder.

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