"We explore the boundaries between gaming and everyday life."

HDYD session

Exploring boundaries between gaming and everyday life: Niki Smit from Monobanda explains how they developed their latest project 'Light on Wood'.

Light on Wood shows light flowing on a medieval ship wreck, inviting you to stop moving and make you aware of all the light and sounds that will interact, but mind the random factor, with your gestures. With Light on Wood, Monobanda is teaching us to take our time and take a better look things and creating a poetic experience.

Light on Wood is a new way of projection, before light projection was only creating a 'canvas'. This time, light is used for accenting what was already there. It's a work about the ship, but also about time. The light flows and changes with your movement, indicating time passing by quickly or almost standing still. 

Niki shows that developing a project always is one hell of a job, requiring more work and research than initially calculated. Technical contraints, different conceptual thinking from artist and commisioners and, of course, time ticking by, developing this interpassive artwork was a big challenge. See how they worked it out at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht.

Marissa Memelink


Utrecht-based gaming company Monobanda creates games that explore the boundaries between games and everyday life. They develop new types of interfaces and gameplay that lead to new types of games. Like deforming a game-space by playing with sand, or creating a participatory musicmachine.

At How Do You Do they will talk about their latest project "light op hout", a projection on the remains of an old medieval boat that is suppposed to calm people down.

Why we invited them
Monobanda strive for innovation and experiment, but also need to sell their products. How do they create sellable experiments?

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