Neelie Kroes

Vice-President of the European Commission

Neelie Kroes (born in Rotterdam in 1941) is a Dutch politician and is currently the European Commissioner for Digital Agenda. She's been active in local, national and international politics for over 40 years. She's also been an active board member at many multinational corporations including McDonald's Netherlands and Nedlloyd. She became well known in technology circles when she presided over the EU competition probe into Microsoft which resulted in a €497milllion fine for the software giant. Kroes is a passionate believer in the opportunities offered by the digital world and in broadening access to technology. She has been at the forefront of attempts to bring ultra fast broadband and a wider social engagement with digital technology across Europe.

From 1971 to 1989 she worked in Dutch politics, including as minister responsible for postal and telephone sectors. Subsequently, she worked on various company boards. In 1991 she became chairperson of Nyenrode University.

In 2004 she became the EU's Competition Commissioner, and, in 2010, Vice President of the Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda.


Participates in following conferences:
Bell Labs Open Days