noTours (Geert Vermeire)

"Space is filled up with memories of the people that live in the spaces"

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We see sound as a source of knowledge about society. Silence is sound too. We approach sound in an artistic way.
We only use open source software. We are creating audio tours that allow for a spontaneous an intuitive way to explore the city. We are inspired by the Sitiationists and their pshychogeography. We allow people to make their own audio tours in an android app. It allows you to edit and add sound to a place. You can save your sound walk, load it to you smartphone. And once you are there, you can listen to it. You can display your audio material everywhere, with GPS.

Instead of a fixed guided audiotour, it is a matter of discovery. Space is filled up with memories of the people that live in the spaces. Now you can discover the city in an emotional way. We actually create a collective memory of the city. They are half fiction half documentary audio walks. We invite people to be surprised about the things that are normally unnoticed and discover personal stories.

During the whole process we work together with people that live in that place. They create the walk and the soundscapes. We did a project in Ghent, a workshop with children and soundartists. The essence is to let go the idea that you have to walk from point A to point B. Everything is open source, so everyone can participate.

Status: confirmed

Geert Vermeire (artist, poet, curator, Bruges/B & Brasilia/BR) is member of the project team of noTours. noTours is a project by the collective that allows editing a place with sounds. This means that you can attach sounds to a territory and that later, when you go physically to that place, you can listen to them. The trick is using our noTours Android Application that detects your location (via GPS) and plays your audios exactly in the place where you decided.

noTours proposes an augmented aurality experience. In other words, you can add a new layer of reality to your place. You can leave messages, tell stories, create geolocated concerts or just share your thoughts.

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