Paul Walland

IT Innovation Centre

OpenFlow Experiment in Real-Time Internet Edutainment

Title: OFERTIE: OpenFlow Experiment in Real-Time Internet Edutainment

Presenter: Paul Walland, IT Innovation Centre

This Future Internet Research Experiment addresses the class of distributed applications known as Real-Time Online Interactive Applications (ROIA), which include multi-player online computer games, advanced simulation-based e-learning and training platforms. These applications are computationally intensive and place heavy demands on the network, and additionally exhibit highly variable loads dependent upon the behaviour of the ROIA users. There is currently no effective way to manage the network over which ROIAs run, despite the network presenting significant bottlenecks which limit scalability and quality of experience for users. OFERTIE will extend SLA-based management and APIs, integrating with OpenFlow, the programmable networking technology under-pinning the OFELIA experimental facility. In the OFERTIE project we will enhance the OFELIA testbed to run experiments to establish how programmable networks can be used to support appropriate technical solutions and investigate which business models would be able to use these solutions in an economically sustainable fashion.

Participates in following conferences:
FIRE Engineering Conference