Peter De Maegd

"Mediabounderies are blurry."

HDYD Session

 Peter de Maegd: "Mediabounderies are blurry. Telling stories with converged media has an important role put away for the community manager. Instead of one big screen, we have millions of screens and the possibility of interaction and conversation."

According to Peter, co-creation cannot be used for storytelling. Suspence writing still needs one experienced hand. "Make extentions to your story. The innovative aspect was 10% of the budget for The Spiral."

"A weakness: we focussed to much on telling the story, not enough telling about the story."

"Find the right form trough experimentation. Our main challenge is to stay innovative."



Peter De Maegd is an independent film producer who’s turning his focus on the new opportunities of
converging media. His previous participatory projects such as Where is Gary? and Jean Wordt Vlaming
served as experiments in preparing for The Spiral.

The Spiral is a participative TV series in five episodes. It will be broadcast across Europe in September 2012.
The Spiral starts with a heist where six major works of art are stolen. The thieves invite everyone to search for the paintings, hidden deep in You can simply enjoy the thriller series on TV or experience the story through the game, the online community and the physical events.


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