Peter Gabriel

Founder, lead vocalist and frontman of Genesis

Peter Gabriel was founder, lead vocalist and frontman for prog rock outfit Genesis. He was known for a flamboyant stage presence, outrageous costumes and wildly poetic song intros. Genesis became a world dominating band, with 150 million albums sold worldwide and numerous industry awards to their name. Gabriel left Genesis in 1975 and continued on to solo success with a series of albums and hit singles often using sampling techniques and novel sound engineering equipment. He is an arch-collaborator and has worked with Scorsese, Bowie, Radiohead, U2, Randy Newman and Joni Mitchell among many many others. He's been involved in digital music technology for decades, creating CDROM based content, co-founding a technology platform for downloadable music and agitating on behalf of musicians who want to make their music available on the internet. In addition to all this Gabriel is well-known as a human rights activist and has been recognised by a group of nobel laureates for his work promoting peace and reconciliation around the world.

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