Peter Janssen

Research Scientist in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence

Peter Janssen is a maker and a research scientist. His area of expertise is Cognitive Artificial Intelligence, he teaches computers how to learn language like babies. He's also worked in astrophysics, Computational Linguistics and … making stuff. He started putting together things like homemade 3D printers and a reciprocating laser saw, made of ultra low cost materials, and all schematics and details posted online for free. Peter's most impressive achievement is four generations of the scientific Tricorder. Based on Star Trek's famous sensor device he managed to make a Tricorder that measures atmospheric pressure, electromagnetism, temperature and humidity among many other metrics, and that has GPS, and an ultrasonic distance sensor on-board. Peter designed everything, he sourced all the components, soldered the control boards, made the casings and programmed the chips, a true polymath.

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