Piet Verhoeve

Director Innovation at Televic
Piet Verhoeve is Director Technology and Innovation at Televic. Before coming to Televic, Piet worked in the R&D teams of IMEC and Lernout & Hauspie. At Televic, Piet was primarily active in building the strategy and fostering partnerships to deliver new products. Piet is also a guest professor at the university of Ghent.
Piet will explain how Televic starts from its strengths to set the scope for its innovation efforts. Based on this, they define different approaches to reach out to potential innovation partners.
Televic delivers high-end communication solutions for niche markets. With headquarters in Izegem, Televic has shown steady growth upto the current 400 people. Televic ows a considerable part of its growth to setting up different partnerships to deliver new solutions.

Participates in following conferences:
Managing innovation in Flanders